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    At our Company, we value cooperation with national institutions being on guard of safety. For many years we have manufactured and delivered solutions, among other things, to Armed Forces, Police, Military Police and Border Patrols, destined for identification of dangerous or banned substances.

    We are an experienced manufacturer and supplier of military equipment destined to detect and liquidating contamination caused by highly toxic chemical substances such as warfare toxic agents and toxic industrial agents. Our products are used by defence systems against weapons of mass destruction as well as by engineering armies. Products offered by our Company are manufactured according to NATO quality requirements AQAP 2110 and are subject to process of Government Quality Assurance GQA (military acceptance).
    Documents that authorise our Company to run the business are:
  • The permission of the Ministry of Internal Affairs and Administration to run economy activities within the scope of production and sale of products provided to military or police application and sale of technology.
  • certified Internal Quality Control necessary to execute supplies of armament for armies of other countries.
    In 2008, our Company has been awarded the NCAGE 1525H NATO Code of National Economy Entity that identifies our Company in the NATO Codification System (NCS).

    We specialize in tests for preliminary identification of narcotics. For the needs of the Police, we have developed two sets of NARKO tests to detect narcotics and psychotropic substances. To facilitate work of expert chemists, who deal with identification of narcotics, we have developed the laboratory version set NARKO-1. For officers of operational division of the Police, engaged in fighting narcotics, the field version set NARKO-2 is the best solution. All reagents included in the NARKO-2 set are available in a form of bag tests. Such solution provides full safety for a person performing tests due to limited direct contact with reagents as well as allows almost immediate obtaining the knowledge on character of the tested substance.
    The quality of NARKO-1 and NARKO-2 tests is conformed by positive opinion issued on the basis of examinations made by the Central Forensic Laboratory of the Head Police Office.

    The solutions offered by our Company for the Army and Police can also be used by other organizations and formations, whose task is to provide safety and public order, such as: Civil Defence, Military Police, Border Patrol, Customs Service, Penitentiary Service and other ones.

    Detailed information on products offered by our Company for the Army and Police are available in section related to Products of this web site; interested entities may contact directly the Special Products Department of Avantor Performance Materials Poland S. A.

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