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Below we present Products Catalogue of Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A. This electronic version reflects the Catalogue version being issued in the book form.
The rule of this file searching is simple: write your search criteria in below fields and press (click) the bar "Search" and select a required item from the resulting listing. You can also review alphabetic listing of our products by selecting the first character in the list below the table.

Name or Synonym of Name
Products Catalogue No.
Level of Purity
WE No. (previous EINECS)
Summary Chemical Formula
Molar Weight

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Similarly as in the case of the file of Characteristics Sheets, filling of each field in optional. Simply, leaving any field empty you resign of a corresponding criterion. You do not need write full names, numbers, etc., for example: writing down the word "acid" in the product name field you will obtain the list of all acids offered by Avantor Performance Materials Poland S.A.

- template,
- example of product label,
- levels of purity,
- abbreviation and symbols,
- warning signs and symbols,
- R and S symbols.

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