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European Community legislation
A new legal arsenal has been put in place in the EU with the entry into force in August 2005 of a set of three regulations aiming at closely monitoring trade in drug precursors both within the EU and between the EU and the rest of the world.
  • One regulation (Council Regulation (EC) No 111/2005, EU Official Journal L 22 of 26/01/2005) lays down rules for the monitoring of trade in drug precursors between the EU and countries outside the Union. It requires that all imports - including transhipment, exports and intermediary activities involving drug precursors be documented by operators, and that precursors be clearly identified as such. In addition, businesses trading in precursors have to hold a licence or be registered.
  • Another regulation (Regulation (EC) No 273/2004 of the European Parliament and the Council, EU Official Journal L 47 of 18/02/2004) lays down the rules for the monitoring of trade within the EU. For further information see website. In annex I You can find the list of drug precursors regarding the category 1,2,3. Please be inform that Avantor Performance Materials Poland company do not sell the precursors from the category 1. To be able to buy the precursor from the category 2, 3 You need to send us the CUSTOMER DECLARATION OF SPECIFIC USE(S) OF THE SCHEDULED CATEGORY 1 OR 2 SUBSTANCE (individual or multiple transactions).
  • The third regulation (Commission Regulation (EC) No 1277/2005, EU Official Journal L 202 of 03/08/2005) lays down detailed implementing rules for the two regulations mentioned above, in order to establish the necessary procedures regarding licensing, and further detailed rules concerning the monitoring of trade. Imports and exports require prior individual authorisations where specific forms must be used. For transhipment consignments the operator must be able to demonstrate the licit purposes of the transaction. This can be done by using this model. In his regulation in annex IV, You can find the list of countries referred to in Article 20 and 22.
Different types of administrations are involved in drug precursor control, notably Health, Police, and Customs. Today, precursor specific controls through Customs at the EU external frontier are more important than ever. When the EU precursor legislation came into force more than a decade ago, the EU used to be an exporter of drug precursors. Today this is still the case, but the EU also imports drug precursors. Especially those precursors than can be misused in the illicit manufacture of Amphetamine type Stimulants (ATS) are generally not produced locally and must be brought into the EU. This situation requires particular attention from EU Customs when securing the EU external frontier.

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